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Short Story

Visions of a Hidden

Visions of a Hidden

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Rydel, a young elf boy, is left with a grizzled blademaster to become something the like the world has never seen--a Hidden. A rare rank of elves that were thought to be myth, masters of combat in all forms. Now, with his two young companions who become brothers, he must train day and night in a brutal fashion until he is a weapon himself.

Yet if the training doesn't kill him, then the final trial almost certainly will... He must venture into Drymaus Forest, a deep enchanted woods that no one elf or man has ever returned from, and retrieve a vial of immortality from the sacred Hidden Pool. Rydel must face not only demons, magical traps, and a creature as old as time... Now he must also protect the person he loves most in this world from an unspeakable danger, all to become that which he was destined for--a vision of something more...

A Hidden.
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