What is Patreon?

Patreon is for amazing tool for those who want to support my writing, and allows me to continue to create more stories and focus less time on making ends meet.

What do you get? Glad you asked!

By backing, depending on the tier, you'll get access to things like:

  • beta/alpha reader status
  • Q&A sessions with me via Skype
  • acknowledgments in future books
  • chapters that I'm currently writing from the book or short stories or novellas before anyone else
  • first editions
  • cat pics
  • exclusive polls to shape the course of the book and content I provide
  • a chance to have a character in the book
  • exclusive deals on merch
  • & more!

In short, Patreon has the potential to let me write unhindered full-time (the dream). Anything you can donate is beyond appreciated. I love writing and I love watching the Saga grow, and your support is crucial to creating more worlds of magic, more tales with Gray, Ayva, Darius, Dren and crew...I am grateful for every new Patron, from Neophyte, to Dragon, to God-Tier.

You make this a reality, literally.  

Much heart,