Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be a Beta or Alpha Reader?

Feel free to Contact Me but at the moment my Alpha and Beta Reader list is fairly ‘locked in’.  But never say never!  Always looking for people who have a good grasp of a certain character.

What’s your writing process like?

I’m typically a “panster”. That is, I write from the gut and more off-the-cuff, but as the series has progressed I’ve had to adopt more outlining.  Typically I write character motivations first and foremost and draw up a huge chart on how their motivations might interact.  I find that understanding character’s relations and intentions shapes the course of the book more than anything else.  That is to say, items or plot devices are relevant, but my stories are very much character driven.  However, this is a HUGE question, so I’ll have a “writing FAQs” and some videos in the future.

For more behind the scenes looks at my writing, I suggest you become a patron on my official Patreon account!

Can you read my book/novel or piece of writing?

I’d love to read everyone’s writing - but alas, I am backed up with my own writing.  I do read every single email, and if you have any small pieces of writing, I can’t make promises - but feel free to send it to me and I’ll do my best.

Are you part wolf like your name implies?

Yes…. I wish

Do you have an odd affinity from the smell of fresh bread?

Yes, who told you?!

What’s your favorite —

Green. Just a guess.