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Book 4

Tides of Fate

Tides of Fate

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Shadows and darkness stir...the Tides of Fate are coming.

Gray is dying from the bloodpact. He stands on the precipice of life and death and must resolve his vow made in blood with the enigmatic Faye. Farhaven as a whole is threatened by a new evil. Mathelstan, thief-lord of water, seeks the title of Master of Shadows, head of all the thiefdoms. In an effort to consolidate power and save his city, Mathelstan steals the Ronin’s blades and puts Darius before the crucible of fire.

At the same time, the other Ronin are waiting to be found. Ayva must rally Zane and Helix to find the other young legends in order to save Farhaven. To this end, they head to Median, the city on the ocean, hunting for the true Great Kingdom of Water. However, their search will not be easy as Yronia, the fallen Great Kingdom of Metal, stirs. A darkness, an ancient evil, seeks to blot out the sun and end the Ronin’s quest once and for all.

Nefarious pirates, grand sea battles, water serpents and much more await in this thrilling next installment of The Ronin Saga. Gray and the others must save Farhaven, but the Tides of Fate are ever-shifting.

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