Why Write?

Why do I write? In the beginning, I wasn't a writer.  Just a kid who found escape from the real world in fictional lands filled with dragons, elves and the like.

Slowly, this passion grew. My imagination took a life of its own.  It wasn't until I was in Oregon with an astrophysics major that I couldn't help but begin to pen my thoughts and put words to paper.  I had no idea where this would go.  Only that I loved to write.
Eventually these words would become the backbone and the primordial soup that was The Ronin Saga. Ideas of dragons, of elements, of fallen heroes, of a young man and his close friends all spawned in those misty early hours.  I would sit in my lone apartment, looking out the frosted window as snow fell and I would dream and conjure.

But all this answers why I started: Because I had to. Because every day new ideas burgeoned like bubbles rising to the surface, and they needed to escape from my fingertips to paper or I'd explode.  But I continue to write? Well, because the Saga now feels like a heavy, rolling rock.

It's real.  It lives and breathes.  Gray, Ayva and Darius feel very real to me, and I hope only to draw more into the realm of Farhaven. Why? Partly because I love to write, partly because I love the world. Partly, too because, when I was younger books were a necessary escape for me.  They gave me solace when I needed it most.  Now I can give that gift to others.

But lastly, because the story needs to be told.  That simple.

I urge all those who have a story to be told, whatever it may be: a novel of fantasy, a passion, a hobby.  Something that tugs at your soul, that draws you in and you lose all sense of time and space--a thing that has a voice, and that voice chatters at you. That you listen to that voice.


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