Why Patreon?

Hi all! So this is a post as a follow up to what Patreon is and why I'm embarking on it.

Well, Patreon will be a way for amazing fans and friends of the Saga to support me and my journey of writing.  In short, it's a tool that allows people to donate on a monthly bases to:
a) help me pay the bills so I can continue to write and
b) allows inside access into my world and gives content that you would never see otherwise.

By backing, depending on the tier, you'll get access to things like:

  • alpha reader status
  • Q&A sessions with me via Skype
  • acknowledgments in future books
  • chapters that I'm currently writing from the book or short stories or novellas before anyone else
  • first editions
  • cat pics
  • exclusive polls to shape the course of the book and content I provide
  • a chance to have a character in the book
  • exclusive deals on merch
  • and more!

So you see, there's lots of cool stuff that comes along with it.  But mainly, this is a way to support my writing and career so I can continue to write more.  Sometimes it's difficult to both write and manage life as there's an undeniable financial instability with writing.  It's feast or famine depending on how many conventions I do, and the more signings I do, the less time for writing I have.  Therefore, I often have to work my part-time job.  This is where you and Patreon come in... Patreon has the potential to let me write unhindered full-time (the dream).  That said, anything you can donate is beyond appreciated.  I love writing and I love watching the Saga grow, so if I can continue to do it   So thank you.  

Much heart,

Link to Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4971249


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