Farhaven Secrets #1 - Sprytes

So we've had a collection of submissions thus far for the poll, and seems like our most popular choices are clear *drum roll*:

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So with that in mind, I'm excited to announce the first inside scoop to which I'll be titling "Farhaven Secrets". However, 'inside scoops' is kind of a nebulous topic and feels reminiscent of ordering a giant burger--I'm almost daunted at which angle I should sink my teeth into. I don't want to give spoilers, though hints are fun. So... what certain things would you like to know more about?

Leave a comment below if there's something specific you want to learn about in the realm of Farhaven (characters, classes, races, storylines, monsters, traits, history, anything!).

Today, however, we're doing Sprytes! Saeroks, vergs, nameless, dragons, dryads, Kage, mounts of the Great Kingdoms, and many more to come...

Bestiary of Farhaven


Sprytes are small magical beings that live in the realm of Farhaven and are made of pure spark. "Spryte" is derived from the Old Tongue of "spyrietus" (spirit). Variations on the term include "spriggan", "sprite" or "spyries". Sprytes come in different forms and represent their respective element--windspryte, leafspryte, waterspryte, firespryte, stonespryte, moonspryte, sunspryte, metalspryte, and fleshspryte.

Spryte's Origin

Sprytes true origins are unknown and remain a mystery. Stories and fables say sprytes are the leftover remnants of the days when Titans (colossal beings and representatives of each element) created Farhaven. Some fables claim they were the Titan's helpers. Others think they are simply a manifestation of Farhaven and her will. Either way, spryte's are extremely rare even for magical beings. It is widely known that sprytes are tied to Farhaven's magic and life force. When magic dwindles in the lands, sprytes and other beings of pure spark are the first to fall victim.

According to folklore, the rarity sprytes makes their appearance omens of good fortune. They are mischievous in nature, but helpful to those who are good-hearted--aiding those lost travelers to the correct path, helping them find Nodes or sources of water or shelter; while they are treacherous to those with wicked hearts, leading these men deeper into dangerous woods or uncharted land to be lost forever.

Belief Systems of Sprytes

Sprytes are revered by native tribes like the clay clan, the algasi, dryads and many other indignous races or societies. However, Sedusious the Mage of 942 wrote one of the few surving accounts of the pre-Lieon accounts of the creatures.

'Many cities of culture still worship the beings as small deities, and rightly so. They are the little children or busy honeybees sent by the Lightbringer himself. But some greedy towns like the gem-lords of Menelas and Ester have begun to purge these innocent creatures as they claim interference with their ravenous mining operations. As a result, Ester's sky has begun to grow thick and black with smog and their water turns toxic without windsprytes to clear the air or watersprytes to clean their wells.'

- Sedusious the Mage, a journal recorded and kept in the Great Vasterian Library

Spryte's Habitat

Sprytes are supposedly in greater abundance in Drymaus forest, but as a general rule, they reside where their element is most common. In more ancient times, the Great Kingdoms were said to be filled with Sprytes flitting gleefully about the cities.

Types of Sprytes

Leafsprytes šŸƒ

Leafsprytes are sprytes of a thousand green shades and are known to be especially mischievous and extremely fickle in nature. They can lead a traveler to safety one moment and a cliff-face the next. They are found in bogs, moss, leaf and vine, blending easily with their surroundings. Their wings are some of the largest of their kind.

Windsprytes šŸŒŖ

The most enigmatic of all sprytes. They are said to be the most powerful, fastest but their translucent or white appearance makes them nearly impossible to see. Almost nothing else is known about them.

Moonsprytes ā˜½

Little is known about moonsprytes. They exist in the shadows, and are said to be the more slippery and elusive of sprytes. Tales tell of them 'slinking' about when humans sleep, rumors that they are fascinated by the process of dreaming and they can even enter one's dreams. Anecdotal tales tell of them riding the coastline surf on moonlit nights.

'Silvery golden beings dancing in the waves at moonlight. I couldn't help but watch unblinking as they sung, dove and flitted like tiny sirens in the black waters. It was as if they were bathing in the golden moonlight.'

- Areastius, a wandering poet speaking of Moonsprytes seen at tip of the Dragon's Tooth

Sunsprytes ā˜€ļøŽ

Also little is known about sunsprytes. Tales say they ride motes of light during times of great hope and inspiration.

Firesprytes šŸ”„

Firesprytes are among the most common of the rare creatures. They are seen dancing in tavern's hearth, or fireplaces--these tales exist more often with towns or establishments close to places with deep magic. They are said to be pulled by fits of great wrath.

Watersprytes šŸ’§

Like firesprytes, watersprytes are quite common among the rare creatures and can be seen in rivers, lakes, or the ocean. Despite their common sightings, their nature remains unknown.

Metalsprytes āš”ļø

Metalsprytes occur near forges or in deep mines. Their nature is unknown.

Stonesprytes ā›°

Stonesprytes are the biggest of the sprytes. Several tales put a large stonespryte at two-three hands in length, and some say they grow larger still. They keep to the deep crags, to dark tunnels, or caves, and burrow out of holes. Their nature is unknown, but some say they come during times of stubbornness.

Fleshsprytes šŸ–¤

They appear around rotting flesh and painful wounds. Ominous creatures to some--tales saying fleshsprytes are a precursor to those who are going to die; others view them as omens of healing.

Author's note: sprytes make an appearance in book three as firesprytes that have been turned by the Enchantress in the Nimue Everglades, made mindless, but they are typically talkative, inquisitive creatures. Special note - sprytes make a "small" very special appearance in book four of The Ronin Saga!

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