Cons, cons, all sorts of cons!

Wow, so I've been around the US a lot lately and just wanted to give you all a quick update!

I'm finally home after visiting Cleveland, Portland, Anaheim, Chicago, and now St. Louis!  The tour isn't over (Phoenix, Denver, etc I'm comin' for ya!), and while I've enjoyed every place immensely (you guys are seriously the best fans and all around human beings - Roninites for life!)... *huge breath* I'm so so glad to be back home.

Why you might ask?

Well, I have a cat, I have friends (a few), and other things of that nature, but also.... *Drum roll*

    Because of book four!

That said, I'll wrap this up by posting some pictures, keeping it short and sweet and getting back to the world of Farhaven.

    Update coming soon of progress, and over all... just thank you.

p.s. If you ordered a book and I ran out, it will be shipping ASAP! Message me ever if you have any concerns.

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