Book Four Updates, Audiobook news, new Kickstarter & more!

It's here!  So excited to announce some very exciting news. First off, feel free to cruise around the site! We have a more user friendly blog area where I’ll be writing weekly posts, a progress bar of current writings so you can always see what’s on my plate and back-burner, oh and a new shop! I’ve always loved our old shop, but this one is brand new and already getting lots of love.  Otherwise, here’s what’s been happening in my world.
  • Been editing about 8 hours a day getting book 3 prepped for recording by Tim Gerard Reynolds, and polishing book four!
  • Shipping final books in next week to Kickstarter Book Two Audiobooks fans
  • 3 Weeks - Releasing Book Four Kickstarter (those Patreon backer’s Dragon and above get a free, special copy!).  Very excited for this Kickstarter. Tons of cool things to add on for special fans, like elemental t-shirts, tote bags, pendants shaped as the elements, and much more.
  • In chats with agents/publishers about the Saga, but I'll keep you all in the loop
  • Have some interest in another series (fantasy of course) and curious what you all think about that
  • Book 3 audiobook starts recording December 1st 2020
  • Book 4 audiobook starts recording May 1st 2021
  • Dreams of a Reaver, Visions of a Hidden, and Legends novellas based in The Ronin Saga world are being made into audiobooks! And narrated by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer (who did Wheel of Time and Brandon Sanderon's Stormlight) will begin in November 2020

So excited and my eternal gratitude for all my amazing readers. Stay tuned and check in regularly! Also message me if you have any questions at all via contact or - Enjoy!

Much heart,

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