Been a little bit... Update!

Hey all,

Just wanted to give you all a brief update! I went to Salt Lake Comic Con at the beginning of September.  But for the last 2 months I've been hard at work on the 3rd Edition of The Knife's Edge.

Why a 3rd edition?  Well all books go through evolutions, little spiffs ups, slight modifications for grammar, formatting etc.  But this is more, to be honest.  In preparation for the audiobook's release in January I've done a major overhaul on book one to bring it to where I believe the others are.

I know many love the first book, TKE, and its introduction of the Ronin and characters; but with Tim Gerard Reynolds doing the big reading and all the investment into it and (my hope) for a host of new readership, I wanted to bring TKE to its highest level.  So for the past 2 months I've been adding things like: character descriptions, more details on creatures like saeroks, vergs, nameless, the Kage, the Ronin themselves... Backstory on certain individuals so show their motivation (aka why is Vera so darn evil), and so much more.  The dialogue, the world, a richness is being added to a world that I love very much.

Part of why I'm doing this too, is that the original version of TKE was actually 180k words.  Editors and primarily agents encouraged me to cut it down to 100k for a book deal, but when I realized I was sacrificing the integrity of the story, I stopped around 120k.  Not that those 60k were vital, but the spirit of the story is an EPIC fantasy; and so, I'm bringing TKE back to its roots.

Nothing about the story's core plot line will change.  Gray's still Gray.  Darius is still Darius, and so forth.  But the richness of the world, the complexity of setting, description, maturity of dialogue, is getting a slight facelift.

Oh man, this was supposed to be a one sentence update! Anyway, thanks for reading if you've read this far. I've been so engrossed in editing so I can get back to finishing the last 100 pages of book four that I've been remised in updates.  This month is a little light on conventions and since no new book is out quite yet, and with the audiobook coming out... Funds are a little tight.  All is good, but as a gentle, shameless plug and reminder:

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Much heart, and love to all my amazing Roninites,

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