Amazing Patrons, Black Friday Sale, and Book Four!

Ah! Sorry again for the delay. Been busy traveling and writing, which has been awesome.  Feel free to always follow my instagram - Wolf_writer or - I'm pretty good and keeping in touch with my travels!

Patreon Update

That said, Patreon - you all have been amazing. Check out a video I did below, thanking all my amazing fans.  We're almost to 400, then 500 mark which will allow me so much . more time to write and not feel as much pressure, allowing me to create the best work possible.  Moreover, at the $500 mark I will release a short story never before seen for all of you!

For those of you that are new to the site and my blog, Patreon is a site that allows me to send unique rewards like swag, or insider chapters to the next book and much more, and allows fans to have a personal connection to me and my writing/life. It's been amazing. So thank you all.

Black Friday Update

That said, we have a big sale going! So check it out on the website under:

It's 20% off everything!  So that's exciting for all you readers or friends of the Saga, or those of you who know someone who loves fantasy or a good book! This is a cool chance to get a signed copy for them. Send me a message at and I can personalize the message them with anything!* (*Hope I don't regret that! XD)

Book Four

Oh yeah, book four is well under way.  I'm a little behind since I was working hard on book one audio's revision.  There's so much cool content going into the expanded, updated, and over-all WAY way cool dare I say, better, version of the book I always imagined.

Oh right, this is supposed to be a book four update. Well we're 20% away! So stay tuned. Lots of big chapters and amazing scenes. Can't reveal too much more than that! Always feel free to reach out and apply for BETA/ALPHA reader status though on my social channels!

That said, much <3!

Here's that video!
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